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Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise is a resort well-known amongst locals.

Sa’d is the most well-known amongst the few of Muhammad’s apostatized disciples.

A sahih hadith related by Abu Da’wud, at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah &; Ahmad, and well-known amongst the people.

Ceramic braces are very well-known amongst adolescents and adults and consist of brackets created from ceramic.

Hal (State) and Maqam (Position ): Well-known amongst the terms of ‘ irfan are hal (state) and maqam (position).

There exists no low-cost mentor purses query as to why these specified footwear are so well-known amongst ladies.

They are quite well-known amongst the women as they love to bath with it and exact same goes with the young children too.

At the time of Hasan al-Askari’s death, the Hadith in regards to the twelve Caliphs was well-known amongst the Muslim masses.

He was very well-known amongst the town people for his amiable behavior and for the extreme love that he shared for all the children of the town.

Phân biệt Famous, Well-known, Notorious & Infamous

Phân biệt Famous và well-known

2 từ đều mang nghĩa là nổi tiếng, được biết đến bởi nhiều người nhưng well-known ở trong phạm vi nhỏ hơn famous. Một người/ vật well-known thì họ được biết đến ít hơn là famous và trong khu vực nhỏ hơn famous.

EX: Tokyo is a famous city.

(Tokyo là một thành phố nổi tiếng).

Well-known có gạch nối hay không. khi “well-known đứng trước một danh từ người ta thường dùng well-known có gạch nối và không dùng gạch nối khi well-known đứng sau một động từ.

EX: Her book became very well known.

(Cuốn sách của cô ta trở nên rất nổi tiếng).

EX: His mother took him to the well-known lawyer in Flower street.

(Mẹ anh dẫn anh ấy tới một luật sư nổi tiếng trên đường Flower).

Phân biệt Notorious và infamous

Cả 2 từ này cũng giống nhau về mặt nghĩa “được nhiều người biết đến nhưng là tiếng xấu.”

EX: He was notorious as gamblers and drunks.

(Anh ấy mang tiếng là những tay cờ bạc và rượu chè).

EX: He was a infamous serial killer known as Chopper.

(Hắn ta là tay giết người hàng loạt khét tiếng với biệt danh Chopper).

Famous đi với giới từ gì? Famous for và famous of khác nhau?

Bài tập ứng dụng

  1. This corporation is _________ for its communication equipment.
  2. It is, of course, _________, among those who know, that Himmler is Hitler’s right-hand man.
  3. He starts a rivalry with Kurt Dierker, an _________ racer and champion of the Nazis.
  4. Perowne favored the form “Jehovah” because it was _________.
  5. They have been praying hypocritically for hundreds of years, while at the same time sharing fully in the wars of the nations, the Crusades, and the _________ persecutions.
  6. It features cameo appearances by _________ musicians, including Lee Jong-hyun as the guitarist and “Mr. Ambiguous”
  7. You should visit Kyoto, which is _________ for its old temples and shrines.
  8. In the first place, the harmlessness of lies is _________ disputable.
  9. Before you fast please take this _________ Fragrant Rain tea.
  10. The motels and alleys around the capital are _________.
  11. The secret police of the Austrian Empire were particularly _________during this period.
  12. They were _________ as gamblers and drunks.
  13. Her book became very _________.
  14. Michael is the most _________ the Jackson brothers.
  15. This area is _________ seafood restaurants.

Đáp án

  1. well known
  2. well-known
  3. infamous
  4. well known
  5. infamous
  6. well-known
  7. famous
  8. notoriously
  9. famous
  10. notorious
  11. notorious
  12. notorious
  13. well known
  14. famous of
  15. famous for

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